Top Brazilian Tourist Spots World Heritage Sites

Brazil is an excellent travel destination for all kinds of travellers. The tourists can enjoy endless sunny days in various attractive Brazilian tourist spots. There are many beaches, islands, heritage sites, various parks and seaside cities in Brazil. Let’s try to discover top Brazilian tourist spots recognized as World Heritage Site.

Rio de Janeiro
This city is fantastic combination of outstanding tourist attractions. Christ the Redeemer is world-famous tourist spot. You can also enjoy Santa Teresa’s old tram “Bondinho”, cable car ride to the peak of Sugar Loaf, sea beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, Tijuca forest, postcard view of Barbosa Rodrigues Alley, Samba Schools Parade, massive celebration of New Year’s Eve, amazing arches in the Lapa district etc.

Top Brazilian tourist spots recognized as World Heritage Site

Historic Centre of the Town Diamantina

This town is recognized as the heart of the Rocky Mountains of East-Central Brazil. Its old fabric has been survived although the town suffered from so few disruptions. The whole town is perfect example of adventurous spirit merged with a search for refinement. Despite its Baroque architectural characteristics, it is distinguished from the traditional Portuguese colonial structure.

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Central Amazon Conservation Complex

The biggest tropical rain forest is Amazon and it is the largest protected area of Amazon basin. It is the heart of verzea ecosystems, lakes, igapo forests and channels. It is the home of electric fish. The whole area is important sample of fauna. Everything of Amazon forms attractive aquatic mosaic.

Historic Centre of the Town of the Olinda

The rise of this town is related to the cultivation of sugar-cane. This was founded in 16th century by the Portuguese. The charm of Olinda depends on the harmonious balance between gardens, buildings, convents, 20 baroque churches and numerous small passos or chapels.

Iguazu National Park

This park consists of five types of forest and bio-systems in a single place. The Iguazu Falls of this park is a great natural wonder of this world. The tourists can enjoy it from boat trips at the bottom of the falls or from a helicopter. The park is enriched with various kinds of species and wildlife areas.

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Historic Town of Ouro Preto

This is a famous homogenous Baroque site in this world. It is also known as “Black Gold” town. It is a favorite place for the baroque artists. The 18th century houses of Cobblestone Street have been converted into restaurants, shops, hotels retaining original features. The churches, cathedrals and fountains of this town were built with the decoration of baroque style.

Pantanal Conservation Area

It is the world’s largest wetland area. The tallest flying bird of South America is seen here. This is one of the best places in this world for fishing and bird watching. Boat trips, watching the alligators, herding cattle on horseback etc. are enjoyable here. The Pantanal is enriched with a huge number of animal species.

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Francisco Square in the town of Sao Cristovao

This is a quadrilateral open space. It represents the period of unification of two rival empires Portugal and Spain. It is surrounded by substantial early buildings such as churches, palace and several houses. You will be able to see an important fusion of urban models. It has outstanding value in the history and society.

Serra de Capivarra National Park

This park is famous for rock paintings. Some of them are more than 25000 years old. The tourists should visit this site to know the oldest human communities in South America. Over 300 archaeological sites are seen here. The landscape of this park consists of open plains, valleys and mountains. 

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Historic Centre of Salvador de Bahia

It was the first capital of Brazil and slave market in new world. Salvador de Bahia witnessed African, American Indian and European cultural blending. The specialty of this place is colored houses with fine-stucco work. It preserves many outstanding renaissance developments.

Atlantic Forest South East Reserves

This site is made up with 25 protected areas. There are many rare and endemic species are found here. It is playing an important role to conserve the endangered Atlantic rainforest.  The whole area contains a rich natural environment of great scenic beauty. Opened ocean-sand dunes are also available there. 

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Historic Centre of Sao Luis

It has earned fame for the preservation of original rectangular streets. Sao Luis is an outstanding example of Iberian colonial town. The tourists can watch some 4000 buildings within the Historic Centre of Sao Luis. This town was the first in this region of Brazil, which introduced various modern civilization facilities such as tramway system, telephone system etc.

Cerrado Protected Areas

The Emas National Park and the Chapada dos Vaedeiros National Park are included in Cerrado Protected Areas. The two sites are famous for diverse tropical ecosystems. The sites have been refuge for various species. You will be amazed watching the outstanding beauty. 

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Historic Centre of the Town Goias

The tourists will be able to see the organic development of a mining town here. It is an excellent example of European town which includes central South American culture, geography and culture. It is admirable for the full use of local materials and techniques.

Discovery Coast Atlantic Forest Reserves

Eight separate protected areas are included in Discovery Coast Atlantic Forest Reserves. The richest biodiversity is seen here. The site is very much important for scientific research and conservation. The largest number of trees of Pau Brazil is seen here.

Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Congonhas

This sanctuary is the example of 18th century. It consists of a church, an outdoor stairway and seven chapels. This is a unique structure of Brazil. The interior exhibits luxuriant Rococo style of Italian culture. On the other hand, the exterior represents Brazilian Baroque style.

Brazilian Atlantic Islands Fernando

This is an extra-ordinary tourist attraction of this world. It allows no more than 450 tourists at a time. The main islands consist of some beautiful beaches of Brazil. Crystal clear blue water is always attractive. You can see turtles, sharks, dolphins, albatrosses and rare fish. Most of the islands are protected as ecological reserve.


This is the only 20th century city with the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site in this world. The city is the sign of modern architectural beauty. You can have a spectacular view of this new capital city of Brazil through the TV Tower. The travelers must watch the Cathedral, the National Congress Building, the Planalto Palace, Foreign Ministry, Paranoa’s Lake, and the National Museum etc.

Ruins of Sao Miguel das Missoes

It is one of the five impressive Jesuit missions located at the heart of tropical forest. The others are in Argentina. This site is periodically invaded by vegetation. This famous baroque church was ravaged 10 years by fire. Later, the restoration was occurred in a summary manner.

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You will be a lucky person if you become able to discover Brazil. It is said that happiness is consistently practised in Brazil. Your leisure can be very much enjoyable there. The country is waiting to welcome you.