Top Travel Destinations of Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands are the most attractive islands in this world. Top travel destinations of Caribbean Islands are also recognized as best tourist zone of this world. I have selected 13 islands which are beautiful and mind-blowing as travel destinations in Caribbean area. If anyone makes a trip to these islands once, he will make wish to visit again.

All the Caribbean Islands are situated on the coast of Caribbean Sea. These islands are small. But, all of those islands hold splendid beauty. There are many islands in Caribbean Sea. Among these islands, 13 are fantastic and perfect to travel. 

Here I am mentioning the names of these islands including a bit of info so that you can keep them in your mind. Remember all these names before making your future tour plans. These top travel destinations are given below:
Top travel destinations of Caribbean Islands
1. Bahamas

It is a perfect place for people to people experience through travelling. The friendly Bahamians are welcoming you to make vacation experience.

2. Barbados
It is distinctively charming. It has fame as a coral island. Geologically, Barbados is unique and beautiful island.
3. Bermuda
It is the perfect winter-time destination for the tourists. You will get excellent accommodation, food and transportation to make holiday here.
4. Bonaire

It has earned great fame as an island of scuba diving and snorkeling. Hiking, sightseeing and shopping are also very much enjoyable here.

5. Curacao

It has achieved “Favorite Caribbean Destination” for 2012 and 2013 from Reader’s Choice Awards. The island is recognized as diving paradise.

6. St. Kitts
This is the island which is enriched with intoxicated natural beauty. It is fantastic combination of sunny skies, warm water and white sandy beaches.

7. St. Lucia

Varied landscape and diverse culture and cuisine are seen in St. Lucia. The island is perfect for smooth sailing, hiking and bird watching.

8. St. Martin

The island is rich for heritage and traditions. It is a real friendly island for tourists. There are many things to discover here.

9. St. Virgin Islands

It is recognized as Cosmopolitan Island. The tourist can enjoy world-renowned golf-course and picture-perfect beaches.

10. Dominican Republic

This is one of the famous islands of Caribbean zone. Thousands of tourists visit this island every year. There are some attractive tourist spots to make a tour in this island.

11. Turks and Caicos

On land or below the water, the travelers can be relaxed with unique serenity, hospitality and beauty in this island. You can take the chance of enjoying Maskanoo festival.

12. Jamaica
Family holidays, honeymoons or weddings; Jamaica is perfect for everything. You can practice your swing on golf course, experience world-class cuisine, try outdoor adventures and cruise beautiful beaches.
13. Puerto Rico
This is an outstanding island for making a tour. Ei Yunque subtropical rainforest is recognized as must-visit destination. Here you can see world’s largest single-dish telescope.
The travelers should have dream of visiting Caribbean islands. You will get ultimate satisfaction through making tour in any of these islands. The Caribbean people are waiting to welcome you. If possible, make a tour here.
There are some more Caribbean islands which are also popular as top travel destinations such as Aruba, Trinidad, Anguilla, Grenada, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy. You can get brief description about these islands in my post of “Happy new year travel in 6 fantastic islands”.  
Probably, Caribbean Islands in this world are made for travelling. The people of these islands are really lucky that they are the inhabitants of God-gifted islands. They earn money through tourism industry. If you want to travel Caribbean Islands, then keep those islands in your list as top travel destinations. 

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