Happy New Year Travel in 6 Fantastic Islands

Happy New Year! 
Let’s enjoy this year forgetting all of our failure of past through travelling in 6 fantastic islands of this world. Have you taken the decision of travelling? If not, then close your eyes and think about some beautiful islands. You can celebrate New Year visiting some attractive islands. I am here mentioning some useful information on 6 world-famous islands.

New year travel in 6 fantastic islands


If you visit this island once, you will want to do this again. White sand beaches, cooling trade winds and warm, friendly people are welcoming you to travel this island. It is great for families, weddings and honeymoons. You must like its national park, food and beaches. You can have adventure sports and diving here.


It has more than 30 white sand beaches. It is enriched with great restaurants, intimate resorts and nice villas. You will feel fresh in clear blue water. Anguilla is perfect for biking, hiking, exploring, sports and amusements. You can collect some fantastic handmade craft items here. If you want to enjoy your life in 2014, then discover Anguilla.


It is a beautiful three island state. It is called the Island of Spice. You will be lucky to enjoy world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park, cascading waterfalls with white sand beaches. You will get huge time to enjoy Grenada’s amazing sites and attractions with content as the island is peaceful and friendly for the visitors.
Happy new year travel in 6 fantastic islands


To enjoy vacation in Martinique is great. You can have vast experiences of sightseeing, Caribbean festivals and special events on this island throughout the year. Blue (beach) and green (nature) activities are available here. It is an outstanding island where you can visit with your desires and travel budget.

Saint Barthelemy

Excellence, luxury and serenity are the best words for this island. It is full of sophisticated relaxation and rustic charm. This wonderful island is famous for surfing, diving, and sailing or motorboat excursions. You will be lucky if you can get the experience of kite-surfing here. It has also earned glory for fine dining.


This is an historic island with multi-cultural feast. Travelers who love adventures should visit this island. The people of Trinidad are proud of their carnival and culture. It is famous for bird watching. The island is fantastic for shopping and fishing. If you are a cricket or golf lover, then come to Trinidad to enjoy these sports.
These are the great Caribbean Islands. Try to make this year special through visiting these outstanding islands. Keep these islands in your top travel destination list. I wish your success and glorious life with enjoyment of travelling the tourist spots of 6 islands.

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