Bailong Tourist Lift of China

A lift can be a tourist spot, can you believe it? It is absolutely true, believe it or not. Bailing Tourist Lift of China has achieved this fame of tourist spot. Experiencing such kind of infrastructural development will be a matter of big luck. 

Bailing is recognized as the tallest outdoor lift or elevator in this world. A huge number of tourists use this lift as transport, tourist spot and mobile observation visiting the towerThe Bailong Tourist Lift is also known as Hundred Dragons Elevator. It is safe and secured by the engineers for the tourists for sightseeing. 

Riding this glass lift can be an exceptional experience for the travellers as it is in the rocky mountain range. Bailong Tourist Lift is built at the side of the massive sandstone column in a mountain range. You will be able to see breath-taking views of the area’s quartzite sandstone pillars. Probably, this is the only elevator in world which lets people ride up a cliff.
Bailong tourist lift of China

Location of Bailong Tourist Lift
The Bailong Lift has been built onto the side of a huge cliff in the Wulingyuan area of Zhangjiajie. It is in Hunan Province of China. In fact, it is built for enjoying the Zhangjiajie National Park. The visitors can enjoy peerless scenery including World Bridge of Yuanjiajie, Wulong village and Yangjiajie etc. through this elevator. Now, it is also a tourist attraction
History of Bailong Tourist Lift
The construction of Bailong Lift started in October, 1999. This tough task was finished in 2002. The cost of it was cost around 12 million pounds. It faced huge criticism from the environmentalist as it was built in the middle of a world heritage site. But those who were in favour of this Bailong Tourist Lift Project said that it would save the mountain trails from excess traffic. 

Bailong Tourist Lift has decreased huge travel time as the tourists do not need to stay on the mountains due to the huge traffic. Thus it has reduced harms to the environment. It was quickly shut down after the inauguration because of safety. Later, it was reopened in 2003.
The Bailong Lift provides a convenient transportation for visitors. The tourists can go sightseeing up the mountain during the day and stay down the mountain at night in one day.
Brief description at a glance of Bailong Tourist Lift
It can carry up to 50 tourists at a time and 1380 an hour. Its height is 1070 feet or 330 meters. It takes visitors around a minute to reach the top. There are three lifts used in this Bailong Elevator so that these lifts can be evacuated quickly in case of any disaster. Earthquake detectors are installed here. One thing I should mention that lift shafts and tunnels had to be dug into the quartz sandstone column chosen from thousands in the area.

Special characteristics Bailong Tourist Lift
There are some special characteristics of Bailong Lift. This recognition was achieved after building it. Have a look:
1. Tallest outdoor elevator
2. Biggest passenger lift
3. Tallest double-deck sightseeing elevator
4. Fastest passenger lift with biggest capacity
If you become able to experience this Bailong Lift as a tourist, you will be a lucky person indeed. It will be one of the most amazing experiences for you. Another specialty of this lift is that it integrates Mount Tianzi,  Yuanjiajie and Jinbian Stream as a single entity. 
Caution about Bailong Tourist Lift
This lift is not suitable for faint-hearted tourists. If you are weak in heart, then you should not visit this elevator. It is known as one of the most terrifying tourist spots in the world for its sheer drop views down to the bottom of the valley.     

In fact, this is not applicable for them who suffer from a fear of heights. Rather, you have to use alternative way of visiting the world heritage site. Then you have to take two and half hours walk to reach the top in place of using Bailong Tourist Lift of China.
Bailong lift is the symbol of Chinese engineering growth and infrastructural development. It offers not vertiginous, rather jaw-dropping experience for the travellers. I salute the engineers and the maintenance staff for making and keeping active such kind of lift. Finally, I can say that try to become a lucky tourist like them who have visited this attractive elevator already. 

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