Top 11 Reasons of Travelling

Why should we travel? This is a pertinent question about travelling. Every person who visits a tourist spot must have some objectives of travelling. Undoubtedly, a traveller wants to earn something for which he invests in travelling. These top 11 reasons of travelling are really logical and excellent. In fact, a tourist gets benefited visiting tourist places. For this reason, he travels.

Top 11 reasons of travelling 
1. To know unknown
Generally, people are always curious to know the unknown. The result of this eagerness is travelling. They fill up the thirsty of knowing unknown through travel world.

2. Entertainment
Travelling is a part of entertainment. We travel to enjoy our life which becomes joyous through it. This is one of the best top 11 reasons of travelling.

3. Removing disappointment
Travelling is a good medicine of removing disappoint of our life. It helps us to free ourselves from disappointment.

4. Mental refreshment
To refresh our mind, travelling plays a very important role for us. When you are in mental depression, then you should travel.

5. Efficiency building
One of the big ways of efficiency building is travelling. After completing the whole tour, you can be an efficient person with your vast travel experiences.

6. Situation controlling ability
During travelling, you may face some critical situations which you have to overcome. Thus you will get situation controlling capacity. I think this is a good reason among the top 11 reasons of travelling. 

7. Courage build-up
When a traveler finishes his tour with various experiences and critical situations, he becomes a courageous person. So, it is a source of courage building.

8. Prejudice breaking
Travelling is a big medium of breaking prejudice. A traveller gets the chance of knowing many things and reality. Thus prejudice becomes vanished from the mind of the travellers.

9. Toleration creator
To finish your travel without any kind of problems and difficulties, you must be tolerating. This is why travelling is also a toleration creator.

10. Broaden our mind
Travelling is good for broadening your mind. A narrow-minded person becomes broad-minded through travelling.

11. Power and love
Travelling has the quality of increasing internal power and love for the traveler. When a traveler earns knowledge through travelling, the he also achieves power and love. So, this is one of my top 11 reasons of Travelling. 

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