Travelling at Beautiful Bandarban

travelled Bandarban as a traveller for Duke of Edinburgh Award Program. Adventurous journey is a part of this program. So, I had to travel beautiful Bandarban with the awardees to take part in adventurous journey. The honourable authority of this program selected this place as their best destination to finish a part of silver award program.

There are many mind blowing tourist spots in Bandarban. It is a perfect place of hiking and trekking in Bangladesh. There are some top peaks in Bandarban. The highest peak of Bangladesh is Tajingdong that is in Bandarban. Keokradong and Saka Haphong are also in Bandarban. In fact, Saka Haphong is waiting for getting the recognition as highest peak in Bangladesh.

The objective of adventurous journey is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery whilst undertaking a journey in a group. Bandarban is the perfect place of such kind of adventurous journey. So, we made a team adventure with knowledge and delight in Bandarban. We become experienced and learned team spirit through travelling this place. 

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I have already said that Bandarban has some beautiful tourist spots. In fact, the whole Bandarban is an attractive tourist spot. Yet there are some special tourist attractions too. Let’s have a look:
Meghla Parjatan Spot
Nlilachal & Shuvronila
Chimbuk Hill
Rijuk Fall
The Golden Temple
Shangu River
Prantik Lake
Upabon Parjatan
Mirinja Parjatan
Nafakhum and Remakri 
Tribal village
Boga Lake
Shaylo Propat
Among those tourist spots, we fixed Meghla and Nilgiri for our adventurous journey.

As a tourist area, Bandarban has some hotels and restaurants. You may not get 5 star level services. Yet I hope you will be satisfied with them at their services at least. However, we stayed at a hotel in front Bandarban chief police office. We started our adventurous program in the morning and ended in the evening.

We had to finish our adventure following some rules. We went to Meghla Parjatan spot from our hotel on foot and returned to hotel on foot too. Making an adventurous journey with a team gives a travel power and spirit. Though we were tired, yet we overcome all sufferings being a part of a team adventures.  In fact, we enjoyed and learned many things through this travel. We tried and we succeeded. We achieved success as we gave our efforts. We invested our time in a disciplined way so that we can learn. These are the primary sign of famous travellers

We travelled Nilgiri Parjatan zone too. We used a transport which is locally known as Chander Gari. This is a popular transport in hill tracts area. You feel thrilled using such kind of transport to go anywhere in Bandarban. We took two Chander Gari for going to Nilgiri. It was an amazing journey for us. I experienced awesome feeling travelling beautiful Bandarban living in Bangladesh. 

I want to inform you that the roads of hail tracts area are built by Bangladesh Army. This kind of contribution is exceptional for any kind of army in this world. But it is true for Bangladesh Army as it is recognized as people’s army. When we reached Nilgiri and stood over the hill, the feeling for all of us was outstanding. We could see almost everything and enjoyed very much.

As it was a part of special program, we had to learn and gather many things. The travellers gained some qualities and some qualities become stronger. We obtained some skills. After that we returned with feeling the real beauty of nature. 

Finally, our tremendous thrilled journey at Bandarban was ended and we came back again with some excellent memories. I must say that if you come to Bangladesh or you are living in Bangladesh, you should travel beautiful Bandarban and try to discover it as much as possible. 

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