Experiencing Beautiful Kaptai

The place Kaptai of Rangamati is a beautiful tourist spot of Bangladesh. This is the place which is the excellent combination of tribal and Bengali lives and cultures. The objective of visiting Kaptai was not to travel the place. I went to Kaptai for taking training. I was lucky that the place was beautiful Kaptai. The travellers like this place very much. 

We had a group journey. Our journey started at Kamalapur Railway Station. Chittagong Mail Train was fixed for us. The best train of this route is Turna Nishitha. So, if you want to go to Chittagong region for travelling, your best choice will be use Turna Nishitha. It is very much fast and comfortable for the travellers.

Travelling any place with any group has a great enjoyment. I have enjoyed my journey to Kaptai very much. Train journey has a different kind of enjoyment. It is better to travel in day than night. You will be able to enjoy the natural scenery of the both sides of the train route. But we travelled in the night. So we cannot enjoy our surroundings of the route. Yet group journey increased the delight of our travel. This is why I suggest you to travel always with groups to make your travel enjoyable.
We reached Chittagong Railway Station at the morning. I want to inform you that Chittagong is the hill tracts area of Bangladesh. After that we started for Kaptai of Rangamati by bus. When we entered Kaptai, it was an outstanding feeling for us. Our mind becomes full of delight and peace seeing the beauty of Kaptai.  We become totally satisfied seeing the environment and natural scenery of Kaptai. It was mind blowing. The zigzag road over the hills enhances the beauty of Kaptai. Trees and animals make the environment real natural world. When you look at the Kaptai Lake, your heart will be filled with delight.

Now think that you are on a bus. It is going on. The bus is running over and d beside of the hill which id s in the forest. You are looking at various kinds of trees. The birds are flying and doing sounds in their way. Sometimes the other animals are shouting. The experience of sightseeing Kaptai will give you tremendous enjoyment.  Whenever you visit this place as a tourist, you must take the experience of journey by boat on Kaptai Lake. Here you will get the ultimate delight in travelling at beautiful Kaptai. You will feel lucky to visit such kind of impressive palace. The real beauty and enjoyment implied in Kaptai Lake.

How to Reach Kaptai
The route of going to Kaptai is simple. Dhaka-Chittagong-Rangamati (Kaptai).
Air:  You can use airway for reaching Chittagong from Dhaka. After that you need to use bus or any other road transports for reaching Kaptai.

Rail: Railway communication is also available for Dhaka-Chittagong route. Then you have to use road for going to Kaptai.

Road: You can reach Kaptai directly from Dhaka or you can use this route- Dhaka to Chittagong and after that Chittagong to Kaptai.

There are some guest houses, hotels and parjatan motels for the convenience of the travelers. You can travel Kaptai staying there or in Chittagong. Just you need to pick up reserve transportation for a whole day visit.

I stayed at Kaptai for ten days which was a great experience of my life. I never forget such kind of memorable travel in Bangladesh. I enjoyed it very much. If Almighty Allah gives me live more in this mundane world, I hope I will get more chances of visiting many places of this world. Yet travelling at Kaptai always remains as one of the best tourist spots of my life.

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