Best 21 Tourist Attractions in this World

The world has some outstanding wonders and beauties. These numerous excellent tourist attractions in this world are visited by many people every year. Among these, I have chosen world’s best 21 tourist attractions for you.
Best 21 tourist attractions in world

1. Christ Redeemer

This is a statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It represents Christ. It is the 5th largest statue of the world. It has become the icon of Brazil. The travellers visit it regularly.

2. Amazon 

It is a huge rainforest of South America. It covers 5500000 square kilometers and includes nine nations. But most of them are in Brazil. The great travellers like Amazon very much. 

3. The Great Wall 

It was built to protect Chinese empire. An archaeological survey found that the entire wall is 21196 kilometers long. The first Emperor of China Qin Shi Huang started to make it. It is one of the best 21 tourist attractions in this world

4. Ha Long Bay

It is a world heritage site in Vietnam. It is famous for its limestone, 14 endemic floral species and 60 endemic faunal species.

5. Machu Picchu

It is an archaeological site of Inca civilization located in Peru. It is situated on a mountain and was built for Inca Emperor Pachacuti.

6. Iguazu Falls 

It is the waterfall of Iguazu river located on the border between Argentina and Brazil. It is recognized as one of the new 7 wonders of this world. It is a top class spot among the best 21 tourist attractions in this world.


7. Petra of Jordan

It is an archaeological city of Jordan. It is famous for its rock-cut architecture. UNESCO has described as one of the most precious cultural heritage.

8. Jeju Island

It is a world heritage site located in South Korea. It is a volcanic island. It is very much valuable for scientific research.

9. Pyramid at Chichén Itzá

This is an archaeological site of Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. It is recognized as one of the largest sites of Maya civilization. Every year 1.2 million people visit this ruins. The travelers give huge importance on it among the best 21 tourist attractions in this world.

10. Komodo Park

It is a national park of Indonesia. It was founded for protecting Komodo dragon which is recognized as the world’s largest lizard.

11. Roman Colosseum 

It is the biggest amphitheater in the world located in Rome, Italy. It is believed that it could hold between 50000 and 70000 viewers. It was used to do gladiatorial competitions.

12. PP Underground River

It is in Philippines. It is called Puerto Princesa Underground River. This is an exceptional river which is also one of a new 7 wonders of nature.

13. Taj Mahal

This is in Agra, India. It is in fact a mausoleum of Empress Mamtaz of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan. It is a mind-blowing structure which refers to love of Shahjahan to his wife Mamtaz. This is why it is in the list of best 21 tourist attractions in this world.

14. Table Mountain

This is the pride of South Africa. It is considered as the great epic views of this world. It is visited by many tourists using the cable-way or hiking to the top.

15. Niagara Falls

The specialty of this beautiful falls is that it comprises three waterfalls. Another characteristic is that it is situated between the border of Canada and USA.

16. The Great Barrier Reef

This is the largest outstanding coral reef of the world. It is in Queensland coast, Australia. It consists of over 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands.

17. The Grand Canyon

It is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is in Arizona, USA. It is 277 miles long and is up to 18 miles wide.

18. The Statue of Liberty 

This is a great architecture of this world. It was gifted by France to USA. It represents Roman goddess of freedom who bears a torch and a tablet. This is a such kind of tourist spot which will be kept among the best 21 tourist attractions in this world always by all. 

19. The Great Pyramid of Giza 

This is one of the ancient wonders of the world. It is in Egypt and was built between 2584 and 2561 BC.

20. Victoria Falls

It is a great impressive waterfall at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is believed that David Livingstone discovered this waterfall.

21. Sundarbans 

This is the biggest mangrove forest in this world and the habitat of mighty Royal Bengal Tiger. You need to travel Bangladesh to visit the Sundarbans. The most beautiful spotted deer are seen here.  If possible, try to visit these best 21 tourist attractions in this world. 

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