Emergency Travel Kits for Tourists and Travellers

A perfect traveller must be prepared by carrying emergency travel kits. Many things can go wrong during travelling. So, we should plan about the possible emergencies. The risk of emergencies in travelling differs from place to place. It can hamper your normal journey. 

This is why I am talking about emergency travel kits. The travellers should give huge importance on emergency travel products.

Emergency travel kits

Always take these travel kits not only for adults but also for children. These kits are applicable for women, men and children. There is no lack of importance of emergency kits in this regard. Without these emergency travel kits, your whole journey may be ruined in the wake of the situation. Your prospect of delight and enjoyment will be turned into sorrow, shame and sufferings. The travel kits are given below:

First Aid Products

Always keep basic first aid kits with you. You should have pain reliever, adhesive bandage, antibiotic ointment, safety scissors, prescribed and necessary medicines, inhaler, gauze, laxatives etc during travelling. These kind of emergency travel kits have huge impact on travelling.

Emergency travel kits for the tourists
Related tips:
1. It is better to have sunscreen and chap sticks with you.
2. Take a small bottle of Aloe Vera with you to save your skin from sun exposure.
3. Keep nasal spray to treat runny noses and nasal congestion.

Cash Money 

It is very much important to carry cash money with you.  You may carry credit cards which is not always effective because of its unavailability. But cash money is effective everywhere. You may face some unavoidable situations which is detrimental for your life. Here, you can be free from various kinds of troubles by using cash money. Nobody can deny the importance of such kind of emergency travel kits. 
Related tips:
1. Carry international and local currency
2. If possible, carrying gold coins may be wise decision
3. Create photocopy of credit card. Carry one copy with you and leave another copy at home.

Women Kits 

There are some travel accessories which are different and only for women. These accessories are solely applicable for women.  Whenever a woman takes decision for travelling, she must take such kind of travel accessories with her. Without these travel accessories, no woman can travel anywhere. If you are a woman, you must have to pay attention to the women emergency travel kits. Some of these accessories are cute and some are girly. The women should keep enough sanitary napkins with them.

Related tips:
1. Keep safety pins with you.
2. You can take some beauty products too.


These are some important emergency travel kits which are related to clothes. The travelers should have adequate clothes in case of an emergency or delay. Take enough clothes depending on weather and culture. Take raincoat in rainy season, winter jacket in winter. You must have enough underwear to face emergency.

Related tips:
1. Make plan of clothes of the trip knowing the weather of your destination.
2. To save space of your bag, always choose double-purpose clothes for you.

Hygienic Kits 

All the travelers should pay much attention on hygienic kits. These are the top class emergency travel kits. Otherwise, the travelers will face many health related problems. This is also applicable for them who travel with their babies. It is always be wise decision to keep some hygienic kits such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, washcloth and a roll of toilet paper.

Related tips:
1. Include a set of rubber gloves to protect you and your companion from virus or bacterial infection.
2. Keep cleaning wipe so that you can wipe down your surfaces to make your environment little healthier.

Necessary Documents 

As an aware traveler, you must keep copies of passport, travel documents, ID card etc. It is essential because these can be lost or stolen. It will help you to get the replacements. Keep a sheet of paper with important phone numbers during travelling. These documents play vital role as emergency travel kits. 

Related tips:
1. Save your passport and travel documents on smart phone or in the internet.
2. Try to avoid carrying paper copies of these travel documents.
Some more necessary emergency travel kits
1. Tweezers
2. Alcohol wipes
3. Medical ID card                                          
4. Garbage bag
5. Cotton balls covered with Vaseline

6. Signal Mirror 
7. Folding blade knife 
8. Sparkie Fire Starter
9. Energy bar 
10. Jet Scream Whistle

11. Blaze orange or fuchsia bandanna and a few safety pins 
12. Pen and paper
13. Waterproof LED flashlight
14. Smartphone
15. Spare batteries and backup power supply

16. Emergency food/snacks
17. Steri Pen and spare water
18. Duct tape

19. Matchboxes


Finally, I wish your happy travel.

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