Dos and Don’ts While We Travel

There are some dos and don’ts while we travel. A perfect traveller always maintain some dos and don’ts while travelling. There are some necessary avoidable tasks during travelling. We should not do these tasks whenever or wherever we travel. We have to avoid these tasks for our safe and trouble-free travelling. 

There are many habits which are not acceptable for travelling. In fact, these habits are harmful for the travellers. It is our duty to shun these bad habits and tasks in the time of travelling.


Dos and Don’ts While We Travel 

Do not leave your residence unlocked. Always lock your residence before leaving it.

It is better not taking expensive jewellery while you are travelling. Otherwise, you may be victim of hijacking. 

You should follow these dos and don’ts while you are travelling.
You should not carry too much money or cash with you. Do not keep your money in back pocket during travelling. Avoid counting money everywhere. Don’t use dangling bag which can be grabbed easily to carry money.

So, this is one of necessary avoidable tasks during travelling.

Dos and don'ts while you travel


We have to shun taking alcohol or we should lessen taking alcohol during visiting tourist areas. Alcohol spoils the balance of our normal sense.

These are important dos and don’ts while travelling.

Always try to avoid using heavy bags or buying heavy things. It will slow down your journey and obstruct to enjoy travelling.
Don’t try to eat too much food. Overeating may cause many kinds of trouble. You may like certain kind of food item very much, yet you have to be careful of taking this food because it may be destructive for your health.
Avoid joking about bombs or smuggling items in some places like airport, train station, launch or bus terminal. The security authorities may not find it funny. Rather it will be risky for you to travel.

Follow this necessary avoidable task during travelling.

Avoid using slung language during conversation wherever you travel. It will be harmful for you along with your companions and your travel.

Remember, always such kind of dos and don’ts while travelling.

We should not be angry with the unknown people. Your anger may create trouble for you.
Do not walk, roam or visit alone. Always try to travel in pairs or groups. Otherwise, it will increase the risk of your travelling. 

Be aware of this necessary avoidable task during travelling. 

You should not travel unlit or unsafe looking tourist spots. Always try to avoid such kind of tourist spots which can be destructive for you.

Always, pay attention to these dos and don’ts while travelling.


Try to avoid roaming or travelling at night. You have to give preference day tour to night tour. It will be safe for the travellers.

Don’t spend money unnecessarily. You should not be extravagant. Remember every cent is important while you are in travelling. You should avoid wasting of money.

Do not take food or drinks from strangers. Even you should not lose sight from your food or drinks. It may be threat to your health or life.
Avoid sharing water bottles or drinks with others. It may cause of stomach bugs or any other illness. 

These are the others necessary avoidable tasks during travelling. 

When we travel, we should not wear dresses as we wish. We have to wear dresses according to the culture of the country or place wherever we travel.

Maintain, these dos and don’ts while travelling.


Try to avoid hitch-hiking for your safety. There are many examples of unwanted and harmful incidents which are the result of hitch-hiking.

Never lose sight of your valuables or bags. Always remember it in bus or train terminals, airports, restaurants or any other spots which are normally flooded with unknown people.
Never expect eye contact on the streets in certain places or some countries. It may create some unexpected or unwanted incidents which will be very much harmful for you.
Don’t try to abuse women wherever you travel. You will be in jail in result. Don’t take it softly. It is an important caution. 

Be attentive to such kind of necessary avoidable tasks during travelling.

This caution is for them who have the habit going to the place of prostitutes. Try to avoid visiting the house of prostitutes or having sex with them.

I hope you will follow the above dos and don’ts while travelling if you want to make your travel successful.


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