How Can We Make Best Travel Plan

To make travel plan is very much important for travelling. An intelligent traveller makes whole travel plans before any kind of travelling. A successful travelling depends on making travel plan.  Here I am exposing full-fledged travel plans through question and answer.

Making travel plan
Travel plan-1
Are you mentally prepared to travel?
At first take mental preparation to travel. Then take the decision of travelling the tourist spot.
Travel plan-2
Have you fixed the tourist spots which you want to travel?
Now fix the target of visiting tourist spots and make a gradual list of this so that you can visit those tourist spots one by one.
Travel plan-3
Have you kept aside your tour budget?
Now you have to create a budget for your trip. The whole cost of travelling must be saved here.
How can i make the best travel plan
Travel plan-4
Do you want to visit foreign countries?
Then prepare your passport. Now you have to prepare your visa for the destination countries.
Travel plan-5
Have you got some ideas on the tourist spots?
Before travelling, you should know about the tourist spots clearly. Without this, you will have lack of making travel plan.
Travel plan-6
Have you collected country map or tourist spot map?
Collect the country map or tourist spot map of your destination and keep this always with you. It will help you to navigate the tourist zones.
Travel plan-7
Have you collected the emergency contact numbers of the travelling country?
Collect all the emergency contact numbers of the destination so that you can take help from them during any kind of troubling situation.
Travel plan-8
Do you know about the stability of that country or destination?
Depending on political social stability of that country, take the decision of visiting that country. If there is political or social unrest, then avoid that country and visit another peaceful country.
Travel plan-9
Have you learned local language?
Wherever you go or travel, you should learn some necessary local words of the local language. Learning local language will be a good decision of making travel plan. It will help you to communicate with the local people if necessary. Examples are given below:
How are you?
Good morning.
Good afternoon.
Good evening.
Thank you.
Where can I get hotel, police station or shop?
How much the cost is?
Travel plan-10
Have you prepared your travel accessories?
Be prepared with your travel accessories. All of your travel dresses should be ready.
Travel plan-11
Have you arranged your accommodation?
Try to arrange your accommodation before reaching to the tourist spot through internet or by the tour operator.
Travel plan-12
Have you decided about the transports by which you want to visit?
Now take the decision of what kind of transport do you want to use to reach the destination. It is an important part of making travel plan.
Travel plan-13
Have you talked to your tour operator or agency?
Take help from the best tour operators. Talk to your tour operators perfectly. When you travel, always keep a diary for maintaining your daily travel tasks.
Travel plan-14
Have you taken cash money, debit or credit card with you?
You must take cash money with you. Take credit or debit card with you. 
Travel plan-15
How will you travel from one place or tourist spot to another place or tourist spot?
For moving within the travelling country, you have to select the transports which are cheap, suitable and comfortable for you. It is a fine part of making travel plan.
Travel plan-16
Are you aware of social, cultural and religious matters of the travelling place?
Be careful about social, cultural and religious values of the tourist areas so that you can cope with the environment.
Travel plan-17
Are you determined to make you travel memorable and inspiring for the others?
To make your travel meaningful, try to take photographs and create videos of travelling so that it becomes memorable inspiring for the others.
Finally, I can say that complete the travelling in the best weather and maintain all the travel plans perfectly. So, have a nice vacation with making best travel plan. 

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