Best 30 Air Travel Tips

We should obtain knowledge about air travel tips as air travel is different from the other kinds of travelling. You have to follow some different rules here. You need to know some important tips before air travel. These tips are very much effective and useful for all the travelers. Don’t forget to read these air travel tips before such kind of travelling.

Best air travel tips

Read all these  30 air travel tips carefully and follow with eagerness.

Choose the best airline which provides all kinds of air services. The airline must have good recognition by the users.
You should purchase your air ticket according to your real id name. It is an important air travel tip.
Best 30 air travel tips
Try to book the first flight to avoid flight delays.
Try to reserve your seat as soon as possible according to your physical condition.
You should be aware of stop and non-stop flights. Be aware of such kind of air travel tips.
Always keep the useful, necessary and emergency contact numbers with you.
Learn and know the three letter airport code to reach your correct destination.
Always double-check all the required foreign documents. It is very much useful air travel tip.
Try to purchase unusual colored suitcase to distinguish it from the other travel bags.
It is better to keep a photocopy of your passport with you.
You have to carry samples of cosmetics, moisturizers or prescription creams to save precious quart-bag space on overnight trips. Remember such kind of air travel tips.
Board as early as possible and take help of a flight attendant when storing your bags so that you can avoid slow down deplaning as passengers.
Avoid unnecessary products which can be the causes of delay of your plane.  You should use such kind of bag that you can toss onto the seat while you put away everything else.
Buckle your seat-belt before taking off the plane and before landing the plane. Check the seat-belt thoroughly of buckling properly. Never forget to follow this air travel tip.
Obey all the instructions told by the captain of the plane. Listen to all the instructions. If you do not understand any kind of instruction, then take help from the cabin crew to understand.
Be familiar with the passenger beside your seat. Talk to each other and make good relation with him or her. But don’t bother.

Always stay connected with the cabin crew. This is an example of extra-care air travel tip.
If you are travelling with your child, then arrange suitable seat for the child consulting with the air ticket agent.
If you are a sleeper then you should choose a window seat so that you can lean up against the window panel and sleep the whole air travel.
Try to steer clear of the blankets and pillows or if you need, then wipe them off before you use them. You should obey this  air travel tip to save yourself from respiratory syndrome.
Always try to pack your things in a single layer if you want to less the security checking time.
Be careful from getting stalled in security and losing simple but sharp item such as nail scissors. So check each piece of your bag before you leave home.
Ask the assigned persons about your options such as food-court, play-area, shopping zone etc to make your waiting more enjoyable. This air travel tip is for getting bonus facilities.
Be careful of shopping in duty-free shop to avoid much cost and future trouble.
If you have the ability and time, then take advantage of the snacks, drinks, comfy chairs and uncrowded bathrooms at most airline club lounges.
Think you have just landed and you are starving. You should call and order the room service from the road to have waiting dinner in your hotel room. It will save your waiting hungry hour in the hotel. Pay attention to such kind of air travel tips.
If you miss any flight or connection, then call the airline’s customer service number to get a better seat on the next flight in spite of re-booking with a gate agent.
It is better to have a membership with an airport club or to use frequent traveler forums for finding the best place to spend your layover. It is good to do advance scouting in any airport. 
You should sign up for a security pre-clearance program if you travel frequently. It is an effective and recognized air travel tip.
If possible, use application which offers real time location tracking features so that you can check the route of your plane diverted to while you are in the air.

I wish your best journey.


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