Chandpur to Dhaka Launch-Steamer Service Information

Some well-known launch and steamer services are run in Chandpur-Dhaka waterway. Here, I am going to provide you the names of the launches which run trip in Chandpur to Dhaka route. 

This post will provide you their departure and arrival time. Moreover, you will be able to see their contact numbers. Have a look:
Sonar Tori
Departure: 07:15 AM
Arrival: 11:15 AM
Phone: 01716-501077
Meghna Rani
Departure: 02:00 PM
Arrival: 06:00 PM
Phone: 01711-008777
Departure: 09:40 PM
Arrival: 03:00 AM
Phone: 01818-002029
Chandpur to Dhaka Launch/Steamer Service Information


Al Hasan
Departure: 11:10 PM
Arrival: 04:30 AM
Phone: 01711-008777
Departure: 12:15 AM
Arrival: 04:30 AM
Phone: 01711-008777
Departure: 08:30 AM
Arrival: 12:30 PM
Phone: 01711-008777
Al Borak
Departure: 09:30 AM
Arrival: 01:30 PM
Phone: 01818-002029
Departure: 06:45 AM
Arrival: 10:45 AM
Phone: off at present
Departure: 01:00 PM
Arrival: 05:00 PM
Phone: 01714-248589
Departure: 12:00 PM
Arrival: 04:00 PM
Phone: 01818-002029
Departure: 10:30 AM
Arrival: 02:30 PM
Phone: 01711-008777
Departure: 11:05 AM
Arrival: 03:05 PM
Phone: 01712-735300
Steamer(Except Sunday)
Departure: 01:00/02:00 AM
Arrival: 07:00 AM
Phone: 01714-789766
Departure: 11:20 PM
Arrival: 04:30 AM
Phone: 01714-248589
*Source: Daily Chandpur Kantha
*Above information are subject to change without prior notice.
I wish good luck in your Chandpur to Dhaka launch/steamer trip.

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