Ideas on Tourist Areas of this World

We are small, our world is huge. In this world, there are many tourist areas which are attractive and beautiful. Every year, the travellers spend millions of dollars travelling these tourist areas. We travel various types of tourist attractions.

Best ideas on tourist areas

Generally, the tourist areas of this world can be divided into two parts by the travelers. These are:
1. Internal or national tourist areas: It means that the tourist areas within your country.
2. External or international tourist areas: It means that the tourist areas outside your country.
On the other hand, tourist spots can be categorized into eight types which are:
1. Natural tourist spots 
Waterfalls, caves, seashores etc are recognized as natural tourist spots that have not been created by mankind such as Victoria Falls of Zimbabwe Ha Long Bay of Vietnam like Baikal of Russia

2. Architectural tourist spots
These tourist spots are related to architectural style and beauty such as: Sydney Opera House of Australia Eiffel Tower of FranceNational Parliament (Jatiya Sangsad) Building of Bangladesh
3. Cultural tourist spots
The tourist spot which is culturally enriched and recognized is called cultural tourist spot such as:Cultural Landscape of the Serra De Tramuntana in Spain Cultural Reserve of Kernave in Lithuania Chaco Culture in USA  New year celebration is also cultural attraction.

4. Religious tourist spots
Golden Temple of Dambulla in Sri Lanka Lumbini the Birthplace of Lord Buddha in Nepal Church of the Nativity in Palestine 

5. Educational tourist spots
The tourist spot which visited for education and knowledge is called educational tourist spot such as:Silicon Valley in USA Louvre Museum of Paris in FranceNASA of Houston in USA 

6. Historical tourist spots
These tourist spots are historically significant and traditionally important such as:Medieval Town of Torun in Poland Historic Town of Vigan in Philippines Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu 

7. Amusement based tourist spots 
Usually the tourist spot used for amusing people are called amusement based tourist spots such as:Universal Studios of Los Angeles in USA Hong Kong Disney Land in China Tivoli Gardens in China.

8. Monument or memorial based tourist spots
Monument or memorial is built to remember special incident or people such as:Taj Mahal in India Statue of Liberty in USA Historic Monuments Zone of Tlacotalpan in Mexico .
Tourist areas, tourist spots, tourist attractions whatever we say, our main goal is to travel these places. This is why the responsible authority try to decorate and save these places as much as possible. 

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