Hiking in Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary

The nature trails of Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary are perfect place for hiking in Bangladesh. This is one of the top protected areas in this country. It is a great source of eco-tourism. Hiking in this trail will inspire you to save ecology and adventurous tour.

Trail means walkway of a forest or any kind of landscape. The nature lovers, visitors and others use trail for hiking or outings. Hiking in the nature trails is very much important for awareness building and other conservation efforts. This is a very good part for watching and observing nature.

Chunati Hiking
There are three types of trails for hiking in Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary. These are:
1. Short trail
2. Medium Trail  
3. Long Trail 

Short trail
This is trail of half an hour walk. The length is about 1 kilometer. The width is 0.5 to 1 meter. It is an earthy type of path.


The trail starts from the road near Bon Pukur (Baitussalam Mosque). Then it goes to the west through the Garjan forest. After that the hikers will return to the main road near Euro Asia Poultry Hatchery. 

 Hiking in Chittagong
Medium Trail
This is trail of one hour walk. The length is about 2.5 kilometers. The width is 0.5 to 2 meter and the path is earthy.

This trails starts from the Arakan road. The beginning point is near a signboard posted at about I km to the south from Chunati Range Office. The trail will be ended at about 20 meter north from the starting point. The hikers will finish after a loop through the forests Watch Tower.
 Chunati Trails

Long Trail
This is trail of three hours walk. The length is about 7 kilometers. The width is 0.5 to 3 meter and the path is earthy too.


The trail starts from the Forest Rest House near Chunati Range Office. After that the hikers are to pass through the forest towards western side while touching 1st and 2nd Watch Towers. Finally, the trail will be ended returning to the starting point after a loop near main road.

Chunati sanctuary trail
Things to consider for hiking in Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary trails
Clothes and shoes must be comfortable and field compatible. Take sunglass and sunscreen with you. Leech repellent should be taken. Even it may be talcum powder. Silent observation is necessary to observe the wildlife. Keep sufficient food and water for trailing. It will be better to have a compass to know the directions correctly. You should have a camera and a binocular to catch memories and scenery.

I believe that the hikers and the tourists will enjoy hiking here. So, come here and take this opportunity of hiking at this Bangladeshi trail.
***Thanks to NACOM, CODEC and FD for doing trail study in Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary from which I have collected information for this post. 

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